Find your beautiful and unique self with Radhika Apte



What is ‘Beautiful’? – tears rolling down your eyes when you are beaming with happiness…that one smile which can make anyone’s day worthwhile…those innocent eyes, unkempt hair, love handles, husky voice, fiery emotions, everything! Yes, everything about you is beautiful!

And that’s what ravishing actress Radhika Apte is trying to tell you in her latest released video on Culture Machine’s ‘Unblushed’ series on their lifestyle channel ‘Blush’.

This latest video on ‘Unblushed’ featuring Radhika, questions what is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ for an Indian woman, and more importantly who defines all of it. The video sends a strong message through women and young girls who aren’t ashamed of their love-handles, or imperfect teeth.  Women, who have reached their core and found that one thing that makes them unique and beautiful.