Feel Your Beat

Founded in 1937, Ray-Ban has a deep-rooted connection to music. Bob Dylan was rarely seen without his Ray-Ban Wayfarers in the 60s, Ray Charles was a dyed in the wool Ray-Ban fan, and the brand’s musical legacy was affirmed by the Ray-Ban Wayfarer-toting Blues Brothers in the early 80s. Now for, 2018, Ray-Ban introduces a new concept firmly rooted in its musical foundations: Ray Ban Studios. Ray-Ban Studios is a creative think tank that celebrates self-expression as a display of individuality. 

The Bronx-raised DJs The Martinez Brothers are the first artists chosen to launch Ray-Ban Studios, with a limited edition capsule collection of 500 pieces. Ray-Ban’s new collection Feel Your Beat revolves around the brand’s most iconic art form: music. Feel Your Beat will first focus on The Martinez Brothers and their unique approach to what they do. For the first Ray Ban Studios collaboration the Martinez brothers have reinterpreted the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer in a new and suitably dynamic way.
Where: The styles are available on Ray-Ban.com and at select Ray-Ban stores.