Extremities – A Gripping Play on Rape, Hyderabad

 Extremities, is William Mastrosimone’s chilling Off-Broadway hit thriller about rape. A potential rapist Krish (Vishnu Vimal) stalks two single girls living in a shared house, and attempts to rape Ria (Dhriti Trivedi), when she is alone at home. The play deals with the terror of rape, and the consequences when Ria fights back, and the reactions of her two friends, Siddharth (Aman Garg) and Shubhi (Devshree Tiwari).
This incredibly gripping drama portrays the act and its aftermath as the victim turns the tables on her attacker, reaching a climax of fever pitch suspense. From the opening moments of the play, beginning with a graphic attempted rape, the intensity of the action and the underlying emotions never lets up, leaving the audience to question its own reliance upon the justice system, its own sense of bloodlust and, ultimately, its own sense of humanity.
The play was also made into a Hollywood movie starring Farrah Fawcett and James Russo, and nominated for a Golden Globe.

Artists: Vishnu Vimal, Dhriti Trivedi, Aman Garg, Devshree Tiwari


Where: B M Birla Science Centre, B M Birla Science Centre, Near Birla Mandir Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sun 21 Feb, 07:30 PM