Europe’s weekend markets charm tourists

Ever been to Europe and have returned without exploring one of the multiple weekend markets that grace the banks of the pristine rivers? If yes, then please do visit one next time. In the meanwhile, catch a few glimpses from the Saturday-Tuesday mini market that laces the banks of River Reuss in the picturesque lake town of Lucerne in Switzerland.

lucerne 1 (2)

The market is open early morning by 6:00 AM and is ripe with fresh produce, most of which is made at home by the sellers. From an array of cheese, meat, cold cuts, fish, farm fresh fruits & veggies, to potted plants, home-baked cakes, jams and jellies, the colourful scene only adds to the flavour of the quaint little town, that is Lucerne.

lucerne 2

A walk through the market, which lines both sides of the River besides the centuries old Chapel Bridge, provides a calming insight into the lives of Lucerne’s residents and their simple lifestyles that revolve around the soothing waters of Lake Lucerne, the river and the multiple churches dotting the vicinity.

lucerne 1 (1)

Spending quality time at the Saturday&Tuesday market should be accompanied by buying and tasting the fresh produce. Only then will you get a 360 degree flavour of Europe.