Effective Oils for Every Skin Types

Using face oils is a big beauty trend right now. Many prefer it to get naturally glowing and radiant skin, face oils have suddenly become a part of skin routines for many. So, if you’re taking the first steps into this world of skin elixirs, here we have a list of effective face oils best suited for the specific skin problems.

For dry skin:

Apricot oil is excellent for treating redness, sunburnt skin, and itchiness. Skin which is peeling from harsh acne medication, dry from sun exposure, red from chemical peels or any kind of an allergy, it will help get rid of itchy flakes and irritation.

For oily skin:

Grapeseed oil is lightweight, so it doesn’t clog the pores the way heavier oils might. Even if there are acne scars and blemish marks that need treatment grapeseed oil which has antioxidant properties which make it a hot favorite in skincare to make skin look renewed and rejuvenated.

For sensitive skin:

Jojoba oil is famous for being the most similar in its chemical composition to the lipids secreted by our own skin’s sebaceous glands. So, if you have sensitive skin, it won’t irritate or inflame it, unlike many oils which have substances alien to our skin chemistry. The two symptoms of sensitive skin, redness, and inflammation are worsened by moisture loss. The use of jojoba oil can prevent this by keeping the area hydrated and relatively calm.