English Website Launch for the Michelin Guide Hyogo(Kobe) 2016

With a joint effort between the Japan Michelin Tyre Company Ltd., Kinki District Transport Bureau, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Himeji City and Nishinomiya City, a new website of the Michelin Guide Hyogo 2016 has been launched.

Local Cuisine Hiyajiru

It is freely available in English for international visitors online. It is a digital edition of the Michelin Guide Hyogo(Kobe) 2016 Special Edition published in October 23 rd , 2015. A digital guide to the best Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in Hyogo will surely appeal to tourists from overseas.

Gohei Mochi (rice cake)

Hyogo provides an appetizing array of food and drink choices due to its geographical features. Launching a website of Hyogo’s top culinary delights will do for the international tourism promotion of Hyogo.

The link is available on following websites from December 8, 2015 2PM to December 31, 2017.

Hyogo Prefecture

Hyogo Tourism Guide: http://www.hyogo-tourism.jp/english/

Available in Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Korean

Kobe City

Feel Kobe: http://www.feel-kobe.jp/_en/

Available in Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Korean

Himeji City Official Tourist Site, Himeji City: http://www.himeji-kanko.jp/en/

Available in Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, French, Thai, Spanish, German

Nishinomiya City

Nishinomiya Tourism Association: http://www.nishinomiya-kanko.jp/english/

Available in English Toyooka City Visit Kinosaki: http://visitkinosaki.com/ Available in English