England’s sensation ‘Toccata Musical Productions’ to perform at the Residency Towers

The Residency Towers welcomed the ‘Cultural Ambassador’ band of UK – Toccata Musical Productions band for the first time in Chennai &  performed at exclusive concert on 11th August 2019. The musical occasion is lingering upon them, for couples to celebrate their love.

Taking place at the Residency Towers, guests enjoyed the incredible music of one of UK’s most celebrated bands. Toccata continues its journey into the 11 year of its being, touching lives and winning hearts and applause of the audience and the press.

Concert guests took advantage of the dining package at their place with this exclusive performance by the 12 piece band. Their concert generally gives the music aficionados the chance to leave their world behind and be a part of this breath taking night.

Singing all their hits in English, guests enjoyed and danced to the tunes along with the band with cocktails & dinner