Echoes & Silence

Sublime Galleria is showcasing ‘Echoes & Silence’ – a beautiful collection by upcoming abstract artist, Lovina. ‘Echoes & Silence’ – speaks a special language that seeks to subtly present the many facets of life and the beauty of living it harmoniously by choice, not just by chance. This collection celebrates Lovina’s indulgence with acrylics, taking it to a new wave of expression. The paintings will be on display until 31 January 2018. Her use of Alcoholic Inks, which in itself is a relatively nascent yet exciting medium, makes Lovina’s works unique. In her art, you can see influences from everywhere, particularly abstract expressionism of the West to East Asian practice of gestural brushstrokes, and the use of paint as a medium to create a different vocabulary in itself. She has a sense of seamless ease in which she deconstructs and reconstructs unique motif/marble like colours and tries to give it a more impressionistic and modern feel. So in that respect her process can be termed ‘action painting’. Her colours are the story, the narrative, and speak more than the figures themselves. Just as the universe mums the din while the earth releases it to its inhabitants, the sound and its vibrations can play the role of both, nuisance and healer. Reflecting this mystery of mind over matter, the spirit silently offers us the power to live the life we choose. This perception of connectedness in opposites is captured in the series as Echoes & Silence. Echo, which deliberates a world of fear, insecurity and noise. And Silences, because inside us is a unique world private to oneself where peace, forgiveness and happiness are the choices we can make.