Eatery ‘Hyderabad Social’ woos the City of the Nawabs

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‘Hyderabad Social’ is the new kid on the block in Banjara Hills, Road number 12. This is a place that is made with a unique concept of promoting young music bands in Hyderabad.

Contemporary, vibrant and full of life is the feeling that you get as soon as you enter the restaurant. Conceptualised and founded by three friends, Gaurav, Wajahad and Sandeep; Hyderabad Social is all set to woo the food and music lovers in the city.

A glance at the bricks on the wall, designed to give a rugged look will make you traverse back to Pink Flyod’s ‘Another Brick in the wall’ and you know this is a concept that will rock the city.

So, how did this name get selected?
“Social is in; be it social media or socialising and hence we felt this would be apt for our place,” reveals Sandeep.

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The food too is scrumptious and large in quantity. We dug into the Chicken Tikka Pizza and the Chicken Steak Burger; both were extremely delectable. As we sipped our mocktails, ‘Spicy Orange’ and ‘Berry Blast’ and munched the food, the live music lifted our spirits, driving away the lethargy and tiredness after a hard day’s toil. This sure was divine!

The 150 covers restaurant was quite packed even on a week day and we were told that weekends are much more happening. The platters like the ‘Social Platter’ and ‘Begum Bazaar Platter’ too are quite a craze in the restaurant.

The restaurant hopes to encourage the local talent and make it a one-stop-shop for all the talented young bands to exhibit their mettle.

Another thing that caught my attention was a clear demarcation of the smoking and non-smoking areas. This is definitely a commendable step and should be a healthy take-away by other restaurants.

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Too early to gauge, but hopefully Hyderabad Social will definitely win the social circuit of the city with its yummy food and lively music.

Fingers crossed!

By: Ajuli Tulsyan