Director Sampat Nandi refused the Sardaar project!



Post the commercial hit result for Ramcharan ‘Rachcha’, there were many eyes sighting at director Sampat Nandi. In fact, that was the very first big budgeted film for the young director and he caught the mass pulse absolutely right. This made Pawan Kalyan and Sharat Marar to open the doors and welcome Sampat for directing the ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh.’

However, when Pawan is the story and screen writer for this subject, there’s no way for Sampat to have creative liberty. For those unquoted reasons, Sampat took a decent exit from project after working on script for nearly two years thus paving the way for smooth entry of Bobby to undertake the responsibilities.

Ever since, ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ has evolved disastrous, major sections of cinema people are commenting on Sampat’s planetary positions being in right inclinations in those days helped him. Unfortunately, Bobby’s name isn’t heard anywhere. Interestingly, remembering Sampat in positive light should be accorded to his professionalism because he walked out silently from ‘Sardaar’ project only to approach Raviteja for ‘Bengal Tiger,’ a film far better than Pawan’s.