Decorative tableware by Collage Shop

Shop for some intricately patterned tableware at Collage Shop India in Bangalore.

White Lily serving Set

The Florist Collection brings functional flowers to bloom. The White lily serving set is a designed art piece and is evocative of the natural beauty of a realistic flower rendering. This serving set can be used to serve your salads in style.

Tropical Leaf Collection

The lush tropical outdoors inspire a fresh range of products that are made by the classic technique of rapid patination. With fresh tropical foliage set against polished stainless steel this nut bowl comes to life with tranquility and abundance of nature.

 Hydrangea Collection

Cluster of lacy, star shaped flowers bursting into round flower heads. Such delightful beauty of the Hydrangea flower are captured and transformed into intricately hand sculpted serving sets and nut bowls.

Antique Lace Basket

Scalloped trims and openwork lace details are tailored to form products that add grandeur and style to any setting. This polished Nickel plate metal basket presents a fresh take on traditional looks through delicately sculpted lace patterns!  This piece can be used as a fruit basket, or to serve breads. It can even be a work well as a centerpiece or appreciated as wall art.

Prices start at Rs. 2,100

Venue: Collage Shop India, No. 21\1, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore-560025

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