Dadawadi Karawan Jain Mandir’s Pratishta Mahotsav Procession

Dadawadi Karawan Jain Mandir’s Pratishta Mahotsav Procession

The 200years old and the oldest of all Jain Temples in city, Dadawadi Karawan Jain Mandir’s Pratishta Mahotsav Procession held More than 3000 Jain participated

Especially made 200 plus designer umbrellas costing Rs 1.3 lakh enabled Jain women to participate in a procession on a summer day to beat heat and protect themselves from direct sunlight remained highlight of the procession

Drones were used to shower petals and instant rangoli by bringing in specialist from Maharashtra, left long lasting impression of the procession in the minds of the people in surrounding areas

The 200years old and the oldest of all Jain Temples in city, Dadawadi Karawan Jain Mandir’s  Pratishta Mahotsav Procession held here in city today.

The two kilometre procession began at Tallgadda Jain Temple and concluded at Dadadwadi Karawan Jain Mandir at Karawan.  3000 Jains have participated in the procession.

To beat the summer heat, the organisers have come with unique umbrellas.  They got 300 umbrellas especially designed for their women to participate in the procession without being affected by summer heat and sun light. The organisers have procued them at a cost of Rs 1.3 lakh as each of those designer umbrellas especially made for the purpose costed Rs 650/- each informed Ashok and Praveen Jain. These umbrellas especially stood out in the procession.

Another attraction was using drones to shower petals. Processions infact have become hitech.

An instant Rangoli on the roads of the procession route was another major attraction.  More than 25 Instant Rangolis were drawn by Mahaveer Jain, a specialist especially flown in from Mumbai for the purpose. He has drawn on roads rangolis of 4×8 size in a minute with his hand.  The left long lasting impression about the event on the minds of the onlookers and people in surrounding areas.  I have sued 1.5 kilos of coloured sand to draw these rangolis, informed Mahaveer Jain, who has drawn well over 10,000 such Rangolis at various events across the country in his career spanning over 15years.  The biggest Rangoli I have ever drawn was 10,000 sft one at Jaisalmar.  I can draw Rangolis with my hand in just one minute. I can even draw blind foldedly, he said.  Mahaveer Jain ekes out his living from Instant Rangoli.

The Jain Temples in city have rich history and Tradition. There are well over 20 Jain Temples in the city.  For 3 lakh Jains in city they have four 100 plus years of Jain Temples. They include After the Karwan Dadawadi Temple (200 years and above), Koti (140 years), Begum Bazar (190 years) and Tarlagadda (200 years) informed Surender Lunia of the community.