Curtain Call: Sutradhar

Theatre is alive and booming; it is an art form that has gone through several stages of development and consolidation. Whoever disagrees has not witnessed the incredibly talented theatre groups revitalizing the scene in Hyderabad. Audiences, actors, curtains, an open stage and bright lights are just some of the aspects that continue to make the world of theatre as vibrant and compelling as it is. These renowned theatre groups boast not just of ardent theatre lovers and artistes, but those balancing their professional lives and passion for theatre at the same time. Clearly, there is no dearth of talent as more people are leaving the comforts of their lucrative job and opting for a full time career in theatre. Read on to know more about some of them…


Established in: 1996 by Vinay Varma, Bhaskar Shewalkar and Dr. Adesh Yadav

Languages: Mostly in Hindi and Urdu

How was Sutradhar born?

Our aim was to hone and promote home grown talent. It was therefore a one-stop shop for actors, voices, writers, technical hands and much more. Back then, it was disheartening to see talent being imported from Mumbai. Training actors through workshops and doing theatre alongside for the requisite exposure was what we wanted to do. The first workshop we had was in 1999 and thereafter there was no looking back.

What do you need to form a theatre group?

The right intent is needed to form a theatre group, like it is required to form anything new. Forming a group is not important, sustaining it is and that is where your real test lies. Crushing of egos, humility, integrity, honesty, professionalism, punctuality, finances, commitment, dedication and discipline (not necessarily in that order) all these are prerequisites.

Theatre vs recorded entertainment- your take? When did theatre ever become irrelevant?

That’s the mother of all performing arts and nothing – no technology can wish it away. It is a live medium and irreplaceable.

Best way to pull the audience from highly addictive home entertainment?

If someone wants to watch a play he will no matter what is being dished out on the idiot box. A connoisseur will prefer theatre to cinema because he knows that a play can happen at one point in time, is live and cannot have a rewind whereas the digital medium can be played anywhere.

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