Concert by Juliette Katz

Alliance Française of Madras Chennai presents ‘Concert with Juliette Katz’

I was born with music, grew up with music and I have never wanted anything else.” At least, it’s clear. From the age of four, Juliette Katz wants to be a singer. But it is not because her father had been “in the field” for years that the path has been straight. Rather, she took detours and took her own time before releasing her first album.


Today, Juliette Katz is this a young lady, romantic and cash, emotional and deep. Indeed plump, but capable of beautiful ferocities. With her diva soul slightly hoarse voice, she carries herself in pop and songs with the same mixture of ease, commitment, confidence and innocence.

Venue: Egmore Theatre

Date  time: Jan 29, 7 pm