Comedy Open Mic With George Vivian Paul at Lokah

Have a Laughter Riot at The Lokah Restaurant & Cafe at Vytilla, Kochi! 

“George Vivian Paul, a Malayali born into an army family, was given the best education available in the country by his parents. His family had extremely high hopes of seeing him outrank his father and grandfather in the army, or pursuing a spectacular career in medicine. As it turned out, he completed his engineering and now tells jokes. He is seen at comedy venues of “Kalkutta Komedians” and “Comedified” in Kolkata. This highly impulsive human being has further delusions of having a sustainable standup comedy scene in his hometown Kochi, hence ‘KOCHI KOMEDIANS'”, explains the team at Lokah Restaurant & Cafe. Catch him today at 7pm!