Collage (Festive Collection 2018) – Mallie – girl playing with a yo – yo

Collage presents the MALLIE –girl playing with a yo-yo, Festive collection’ 2018. This collection is gateway into the mind of the young girl and inspired by the Guler style of painting, from 1760, originating in Kangra, hence also known as Kangra paintings. It is available from 1st November 2018 

With this collection, we strive to create silhouettes and embroideries that capture the true spirit of ‘Mallie’, her love for nature, her conflicting emotions along with her gradual acceptance of womanhood. Romantic prints, classic shapes, deep hues inspired by this beautiful painting  and a touch of wild whimsy style add up to make this collection uniquely different from our previous work, yet retaining the signature MadSam TinZin soul.

MadSamTinZin (namely Madhuritu, Saumya, Tina, Stanzin) brings together the distinctive experiences and talents of four young designers through a uniquely collaborative design process. The brand is all about our love for quality and craftsmanship, expressed through the interplay of silk fabrics, hand embroidery inspired by age old embroidery techniques from different regions of India, along with impeccable finishing. We believe in a striking yet simplistic approach to design and endeavour to cater to the needs of women who cherish an individualistic sense of style.

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