China’s befitting landmark – the statue of Guan Yu

The massive structure of Gyung yu the Chinese god of war in china’s Jingzhou city is a befitting landmark. An enormous structure, weighing 1320 ton and splendidly carved, it is thronged with travelers and photographers from all over the world. It stands at a height of 58 m, as a mark of him watching over the city.  From the time it was unveiled in 2016 it has recently broken the internet with a wave of photos on the very popular, visual platform Instagram.

It has been designed by Han Meilin, the Chinese artist famous for his work at the Beijing Olympics of 2008. Made out of around 4000 bronze strips, the statue is a sight to behold. Gyung yu was a Chinese general who holds the status of the God of war for his valor. History books depict him as carrying a special weapon, The Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

 The weapon is believed to have weighed around a massive 18.25 kg! The sculpture now has an imitation of the same weapon, weighing a more mammoth 136 tonnes.  This   attraction in Jingzhou  is one landmark that is a must-visit for every culture and photography fanatic