Chennai City on High Alert

As a city which proudly boasts of being very safe has put a permanent black mark on its name as 5 murders in the past 24 hours have shocked the city and its people. The city police were put on high alert after five cold-blooded murders took place in Chennai in 24 hours. Chennai police have fastened their inquiry activities after these murders stunned the city.

The first murder was of 22-year-old Kumaran, a resident of Otteri area. He was released from jail 15 days ago. It was alleged that he was playing cards with his friends and due to a misunderstanding it snowballed into a fight, his friends killed him with a scythe. Another murder was reported of an auto driver. Someone had changed the electricity transformer of his house and his family fought with him thinking he was the culprit. In a fit of rage, his own family beat him to death.

In another incident, a resident of Anna Nagar area, identified as 70-year-old Easurajan was poisoned. Police suspect that his daughter-in-law committed the murder and further investigation is still pending. A rowdy from Sulaimedu was killed in after a daring chase by three goons on a busy street near Vaishnav College. In a separate incident, a woman’s body parts were found in the Perungudi garbage area by police. Further investigation is going on to find the girl’s identity.

With the spate of crime that the city has seen, police patrols have now been put on high alert with CCTV footage monitoring. Vehicle checks have been intensified after these five murders. As the Republic Day is nearing, there is world traders meet being organized in the city and police security has been beefed up in several places.