Check Out Kochi Marriott’s Tantalizing Ramadan Menu

 As we celebrate the spirit of the season, Kochi Kitchen prepares a grand Iftar Spread!

For the entire month starting May 27th, 2017 , the Kochi Kitchen at Kochi Marriott will prepare a spectacular Iftar spread. Till 25th June 2017, there would be Iftar dinner buffet every evening which will culminate with a grand Eid Ul Fitr brunch and dinner buffet on June 26th, 2017. Call 7177777 for details.



Aperitif : Laban  and Mango Juice 

Mezze: Hummus, Baba ganoush, Tatziki, Muhammara, Beetroot, feta & orange salad, Fattoush

Mains: Seekh kebab, Beef Kofta, Harissa marinated fish , Mutton Biryani, Saffron Pilaf

Accompaniments: Pickled vegetables, Marinated Olives, Veg raita

Breads: Khubuz, Pita, Sumac dusted olive focaccia, Zattar dusted vegetable focaccia

Desserts: Basbousa (Semolina cake)