Celebrating rituals

The Consul General of Israel to South India in partnership with Israel-India Chamber of Commerce hosted “Women Leadership at Shabbat Dinner at Ritz Carlton in Bengaluru. It was an evening of Israeli and Indian women networking and experiencing the Jewish ritual of welcoming Shabbat. The goal of the consulate is to deepen the connections between Israel and India and bringing Indian and Israeli powerful women together for a Shabbat Dinner helps in fulfilling these goals. Choosing the timing of Friday evening enables them to give others a chance to experience some rituals that are taking place in many homes in Israel every Friday. Shabbat eve (Saturday in English) is the most important day of the week for Jews, because it is a day on which they remember that God created the world and everything in it. God created the world in six days, but on the seventh day, Shabbat, He rested, and, like Him, Israelis also rest on Shabbat. The name Shabbat comes from the root Shin-Bet-Taf, which means ‘to end’ or ‘to rest’.

Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday and ends at nightfall on Saturday. It is a very precious time: a time for peace, harmony and relaxation that they do not have on other days of the week. The event had more than 40 women leadership- a delegation of 23 Israeli women- who just landed to start their 10 days journey in India. Dominant women from the Government and Private sectors in the field of NGO, Health Services, Hitech, Innovation etc, headed by Adv. Anat Bernstein-Reich Chairperson Israel-India Chamber of Commerce, President, Israel-India friendship Association, President, TiE Israel, MD A&G Partners. The Indian Delegation from Bengaluru has a similar match of Influential and Dynamic Women. Consul General of Israel to South India Dana Kursh: “Just like Friday evening – “Erev Shabbat” (in Hebrew) symbolises the transition time between work to relaxation for many Israelies. This evening was the best combination of business and pleasure for me: enabling successful Indian and Israeli women to network while enjoying good company and learn so much from each other.