Care for your mane

Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic previewed a new range of hair cosmeceuticals that they will soon launch in Bengaluru and across the country in two months. This unique range of cosmeceuticals includes a hair sanitizer, a hair perfume and a hair sunscreen, all of which promise to be a range of hair care products that are convenient as well as effective at multiple levels. The products were unveiled by fashion blogger, Shalini Chopra at The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru. Elaborating on the introduction of these products into the market, Dr. Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International said, “Hairline International has always been the forerunner when it comes to introducing anything new into the Indian market.  This range of hair care products are manufactured in Italy and marketed by Hairline in India. The products will soon be available on shelves at Hairline International centers across Bengaluru and select stores across the country. The range may also be pre-ordered currently”.

Speaking on the launch of these products, Dr. V Premalatha, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International said, “These products are based on a great deal of research on the current needs of the market. While they are extremely effective as product for a specific cause, they also provide an additional benefit of enhancing hair quality and even growth in some cases”. Unveiling the products, Shalini Chopra, StylishByNature, said, “These are products that have a lot of research backing them and are convenient not just for those in the world of glamour but for everyone leading the hectic lives we have today. To be assured of stepping out with great looking hair, which is one of the best asset we have, is a great thing”.

Hairline Hair Sanitizer: Here’s a quick solution to your ‘no shampoo’ days. Say hello to Hairline’s Hair Sanitizer. A few generous drops of this solution rubbed in your scalp and down the length of your hair, will instantly cleanse it of the grime and dirt of the day. Don’t believe us? Just rub your hair with a light cotton cloth and see the difference. The product is handy and can fit into your handbag. You can now say goodbye to those bad hair days, and have a quick solution on hand for when you are travelling or just can’t get the time to wash your hair. An added benefit is that regular application of this solution to your scalp will enhance the growth of hair.

Hairline Hair Perfume: Spending time in traffic, in claustrophobic air-conditioned rooms or have just sweated it out, but still want to smell good? Your deo will do a good job, but a hair perfume will enhance the way you smell despite your sweaty or smelly scalp. This mild spritzer is a treat for your hair and may be sprayed on just before you step into a party, a board meeting or even to meet the family.

Hairline Hair Sunscreen: How many times have you wished for that one wonder product that can bring dull, lifeless hair back to life in a jiffy? Of course holidays are all about fun in the sun, but your hair needs to be protected against those harmful rays, just as much as your skin. In fact, this is the kind of protection you need each time you step out into the Sun – for work, for fun or even for a swim. Spray it on before you step out for the day, or even before you get into the pool. A product that has multiple benefits.