Campaign for a cause

Sherlock’s Pub organised India’s Largest Valentine Treasure Hunt in collaboration with Ola Cabs & Kingfisher in support of Do Not Drink & Drive and Women’s Safety on Sunday, February 18. Tanveer Ahmed, Spokesperson, Janata Dal Secular graced the occasion in support of the cause. The treasure hunt was full of fun, mystery and excitement for all the teams who participated in the event and battled for a grand prize. From solving clues like decoding Sherlock’s mystery, eating countless pani puris, push ups, clicking selfies, drawing and remembering 50 names in different locations of Sherlock’s pubs, all participants very enthusiastically solved clues leading them from one destination to another where a task was supposed to be completed before they obtain a next clue. Ola Cabs ferried the participants around to the destination that they had to get too.
Siddarth Balachander, CEO Sherlock’s Indiranagar, said “As responsible business entities it is imperative that we take the first step towards ensuring that we are helping our customers be aware. Our business hours run late into the night and women’s safety is one of the top most priorities and encouraging our customers to not drink and drive. We need to take the first step towards making an impact and being the change that is needed, and we are confident that our baby steps are in the right direction. Together we can make a difference and hence all hands of Sherlock’s has come together to conduct a treasure hunt that would help us send a message in a fun manner.” Tanveer Ahmed, Spokesperson, Janata Dal Secular, added, “More than 2300 lives have been lost and over 100 crores were collected by police as fine. Please safeguard your pockets, partner and lives. Say no to drink and drive.”