Burma Burma

Get a taste of Burma in Bengaluru with this hip, new Burmese restaurant

Ambience: As the Burmese celebrate Thingyan, the Burmese New Year in the month of May, we decide to dig into the best of Burmese cuisine at this vegetarian diner. The décor strikes the right balance between a fun, bright and colourful yet Zen-like atmosphere. We love the wall art of a Burmese lady on the central pillar by the tea bar and an entire wall dedicated to various teapots and kettles placed neatly at the tea bar, livening up the entire space. The Burmese dolls placed at various places add to the décor too. We like the weathered stone walls of the pagodas contrasting the antique embellishments telling us their story, the lacquered furniture and the warm colours of the thangka paintings.

Men behind the making: Childhood friends Ankit Gupta (whose family was brought up in Myanmar) and Chirag Chhajer created Burma Burma to celebrate the culture and tradition of Burma. The menu reflects the discoveries of the team’s extensive travels across this land of pagodas. They have brought Burmese cuisine to the forefront by taking a contemporary approach and exploring the wide array of ingredients and homegrown recipes that are unique in texture and flavour, yet symbolic of the Burmese heritage.

What’s hot: We like the freshness of ingredients in the salads (thoke) and soups along with the mains centered around rice, noodles, and curries that are widely popular across Burma. Samosa in a soup? Yes that’s how we began our meal here, with Samuzo Hincho, a Samosa soup, which was basically a mini samosa dipped in a clear broth of chickpeas, ginger, lemon, chilli and sugar. The Tea Leaf Salad and Sunflower leaves and Crispy Wheat Flakes salads are a must-have. You can also try the national dish of Burma Mohingar. Kyar Yoe Kyaw or Lotus stem crisps are served complimentary on every table and we bet you can’t stop at one. We also liked the Crunchy Tofu Buns. The Pyan Boo Palata or Creamed Corn Paratha came next and it was finger-licking delicious and mopped up in no time. Pomegranate and Mandarin Spritzer works best to beat the summer heat. Burmese meal is incomplete without a Khow Suey and that’s what was served next. Called Oh No Khow Suey, it is their signature one bowl meal of coconut milk with lemongrass, tamarind and diced Asian vegetables, served with an array of ‘DIY’ toppings. Take your pick from udon, hakka, whole wheat or flat noodles. End your meal on a sweet note with Burma Bombe, decadent chocolate mousse with sea salt caramel, moist chocolate cake with chocolate sand and roasted almonds all encapsulated in a chocolate dome. Tea is an essential part of the Burmese culture, and the Burma Burma tearoom ensures your experience is truly teatastic! We picked the Buma Burma blend consisting of peach, orange and jasmine white tea from more than 30 hand-picked flavours from around the world.

Where: Burma Burma, 607, Ground Floor, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Call: +912240036600.