Bringing Indian Gods to Life

Spanish brand’s expert artist Rosa Belenguer was in Bengaluru to instill life in limited edition sculpture at a live painting demonstration event. Lladró, the Spanish brand known for its high quality porcelain products, recently introduced its meticulously crafted Lord Ganesha sculpture for the first time in India. The limited edition collection came to life at a live painting event demonstrated by Lladró’s expert artist, Rosa Belenguer at the UB City Store.

In front of the live audience, Rosa instilled life in the exquisite Lord Ganesha sculpture through a mixture of colours and meticulous artisanship. She gave life to the Lord Ganesha sculpture by decorating it with those particular colours, which are distinctive, traditional symbols of the millenary Hindu philosophy. At the end of demonstration, she finely captured Ganesha’s attributes with infinite details and meticulousness. This was Rosa’s first demonstration tour in India. She has been to Singapore, Japan and some European countries for live painting events this year. The India event witnessed the presence of Lladró collectors and loyal customers admiring the brand’s dedication of bringing premiumness in its each piece of art. The limited edition Lord Ganesha includes only 1800 units and is part of the brand’s festive collection for Ganesha Chaturthi and Diwali. Only a few collectors, those who buy art for passion with and investment view will own one of these porcelain treasures. Each sculpture is priced at Rs 4.50 lakh. We speak to the artist Rosa of Lladró, the artistic porcelain firm of the 21st century, on her creations.

  1. Where did you study and when did you develop the passion for arts?

I received my artistic training in Lladro. It has its own Artist Training Department and for the last 27 years I have been training in this department.

  1. What have been some of the highpoints of your career so far?

The most challenging moments have been the most memorable, the use of new materials and techniques.

  1. What is unique about your painting?

Maybe the fact that it is extremely exhausting when you are working on the detailing. Lladro has very stringent quality standards and the effort of the artist is to faithfully represent and execute all the minute details. Being able to complete a piece with proper detailing and the required commitment is what distinguishes my work. The process of instilling life into porcelain sculptures through paint and decoration is beyond doubt the most rewarding task. Perfection can only be achieved through experience, which provides an artist with the confidence to know how to mix glazes and colours, and how to apply them with the necessary precision.

  1. You’re doing live demos of Lladró pieces being decorated like the new Lord Ganesha. Can you explain what you showcase during the unveiling of these live demos?

Besides the decoration, what is also showcased is the commitment, dedication, the painstaking detailing, the harmony with which the work is executed. All this is evident in the final piece.

  1. How did you master this art? What were the challenges that came your way?

We master the techniques through training and training is gained through experience. We are in a constant process of evolution which helps us constantly renew our skills.