Book Reading by Ulla Lenze: The Endless City

Ulla Lenze will commence in Chennai her reading tour in India. Berlin-based Ulla Lenze will read from her latest, much-discussed novel ‘Die endlose Stadt’, in which landscapes of Mumbai and Istanbul are artistically portrayed. The event will take place at the Goethe-Institut auditorium on Saturday 2 April.

During the course of her stay in Chennai, Ulla Lenze will also be addressing on Monday 4 April postgraduate students and research scholars at the University of Madras. Besides reading English translation excerpts from ‘Die endlose Stadt’, she will narrate about her inspiration, her experience and take the listeners on the journey of bringing this novel to print.


‘Die endlose Stadt’ (The Endless City) is both a document and a creative transformation of Ulla Lenze’s experience of the foreign. It is all the more fascinating for having emerged from stays in two different cities, Mumbai and Istanbul, that are far remote from each other geographically and culturally, but that struggle with similar problems under the brunt of globalization.