Body of Poems


Body of Poems is a collection of 5 solo theatre pieces, all inspired from five different poems across three languages (Hindi, English and Malayalam). Each performance is a dramatised embodiment of the essence (of the poem) in space with body. The only spoken text being words from the poem. These performances are part on an ongoing 11 month long ‘actor training’ program at ‘Our Theatre’ facilitated by Vivek Vijayakumaran.

Forest Fire | Kamala Das     
Written by Kamala Das
Language: English

If You Forget Me | Pablo Neruda
Written by Pablo Neruda
Language: English

Jangal Ke Din Bhar Ke Sannate Mein Vinod Kumar Shukla
Written by Vinod Kumar Shukl
Language: Hindi

Us Adhure Bane Makaan Ke Peeche | Vinod Kumar Shukla  
Written by Vinod Kumar Shukl
Language: Hindi

Oru Muzhakkam | Kavalam Narayana Panicker
Written by Kavalam Narayana Panicker
Language: Malayalam

Where: Atta Galatta, Koramangala, 6th Block, Bengaluru.
When: 20th January, 2018, Saturday, 4 PM and 7 PM.