Bhains ki Aankh creates a buzz !

An Indian firm has taken branding to another level and named its footwear brand “Bhains Ki Ankh”, which conveys a completely different meaning in the Indian context.

It is a slang used to express surprise or shock. Typing “bhains” on the search bar guides one to “Bhains Ki Ankh” slippers “Bhains Ki Ankh” slippers for girls and many other products from the company. The products are reasonably priced and the brand has also earned favorable comments from some users.

But “Bhains Ki Ankh” is not the only unconventional brand name that you will find on Amazon. You can, for example, also find “DRUNKEN Women’s Pom Pom Slip-on Carpet Slippers” or “DRUNKEN Women’s Striped Bowknot Winter Carpet Slippers” on Amazon sold by a brand called “DRUNKEN”.