Behind the lens: Chandra Prakash

On a passionate journey to promote photo art images, city photographer Chandra Prakash talks about his best shots and creative perspectives.

From the era of black and white photography to the instant and current digital age, Chandra Prakash has many a story to tell. “Learning through conventional training methods using a humble Linholf Technika camera, the art was all about the intricacies of observation and sight,” he begins.

Extensive travels, exposure to different cultures and interactions with photographers from the world over, have constantly helped to find his niche which rests firmly on photo art images for the Indian consumer.”While there is a certain appreciation for the art of photography, what I am able to offer differently is a creative perspective and affordable photo art that captures colours, scenery, places and more that are certain to open a pandora box of interpretations. While each consumer appreciates beauty in various forms, a medium to communicate will truly find its essence in photo art, similar to abstract paintings.” Photo arts have a unique quality to inspire, make one think and dwell deep into the mind of the photographer though his visuals. “My work and my frames draw inspiration from the way I was taught the art – patience not only to wait for that perfect moment to click but also to be curious; with excitement that will follow after a day or two until I am able to hold my black & white frame by print!” he smiles.

Ever wonder why we Indians appreciate scenic or colourful articles more than portrait and facial photography? “It has got to do a lot with our upbringing, our psyche” explains Chandra Prakash. “I have noticed that westerners are taught to appreciate the individual beauty of the human face – high cheekbones, eyes that speak, well defined features and more which are embedded in their minds leading to a wide consumption of portrait and mood photography. While Indians appreciate portraits in spiritual form, mood photography hasn’t found its place yet.” A career spanning more than three decades and many a thousand clicks later, we put the photographer on the spot about his favourite frame. “It has got to be the one I captured of a friend’s grandfather in Ooty circa 1980. His face was pleasant, ageing with beautiful and well defined wrinkles coupled with a smile that was full of energy, I simply had to capture the beauty of his face. The frame conveys everything I wanted – current moods and was natural with emotions, raw yet pristine and perfect.”

Having worked extensively with brands that include Ford, Sony, LG, Diageo, Mazda and others in UK and UAE, Chandra Prakash now has his feet firmly set in India whilst planning for his dream shoot – to travel towards the north of the country to regions around Tibet, Ladakh and beyond for frames filled with stunning landscapes, happy faces and colours that blend seamlessly from earth to sky. “While this year will hopefully open avenues in Europe to showcase my work in the many art festivals in Denmark and Sweden, planning for this dream shoot is getting me giddy with excitement! Our country provides such a wonderful canvas – so varied and full of character and I can hardly wait to explore.”

Find Chandra Prakash’s work displayed at Chennai’s Lakshna Art Gallery. You can also explore his archives through his website for photo art that will make for an interesting addition to your metropolitan home or office space, printed using pigment ink and imported non toxic media that are a guaranteed catalyst for hours of endless conversation.