Beautiful Life Women’s Wellness By Nuthan Manohar

Nuthan promises an afternoon of bliss, to connect, smile & discover how beautiful life can be

Meet up led by Nuthan Manohar, Yoga Teacher and Life Strategist,(founder of Me Met Me at Kochi) rated among top ten therapists in India invites you to rediscover your happiness and health through chanting, breath work and sweetspot – a movement and breath practice that helps release deep seated anxiety.

“Join us for an afternoon of bliss to connect, smile and discover how beautiful life can be on July 18th. We shall do an introduction to the Goddess Archetypes to help discover the goddess within. Meet up at R√•lambshovsparken, CLOSE TO WATER (Stockholm’s Lan, Sweden),” posted Nuthan on facebook. Call or Whatsapp 0768445597 for more details.