‘Beats and Pieces’ at Phoenix MarketCity


Phoenix MarketCity held no stops when it came to delivering a visual treat for the audience on the second day of the Margazhi festival, on the 29th of December, 2016 (Thursday). It was a performance named ‘Beats & Pieces’ conceptualised by Anubrata Chatterjee, an eminent Indian tabla player.

The artists commenced the evening with the distinctive act of sawal-jawab, an impromptu act where there was an exchange of musical dialogues between the four artists. Each of them tried to replicate the sound of ‘Dhinak Dhin.. Dhinak Dhin’, in a manner that was unique to their innate style of music. The circuit continued in a loop manner, which decreased with every round – from a long cycle to shorter one, leading to the riveting crescendo!

The opening performance was by Anubrata Chatterjee who was joined by renowned artist, Pritam Ghoshal, an eminent sarod player and a student of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. They performed a song in the sublime raag Maru-Bihag, as gifted sarangi player Sangeet Mishra, accompanied the duo, creating melodious magic. Needless to say, that their rich cultural pedagogy was evident, as the artists blended in soulful tunes that impeccably merged with the dance.

Following the musicians, the gorgeous and stunning dancer for the evening, Shinjini Kulkarni, delivered an awe-inspiring rhythmic solo masterpiece. Owing to her tutelage under her grandfather and Kathak maestro, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Shinjini’s performance was nothing short of mind-blowing!

Not only was the dance powerful & dramatic, but it was seamlessly woven into the music, so as to match the rhythmic cycles of the musicians. By the end of the performance, the Courtyard echoed with a thundering applause from the patrons as they watched the piece de resistance, as the artists showcased a scintillating musical spectacle!

The audience were enthralled and highly appreciated the act was extremely well, as each of the artists displayed their creative musical fortes, excellently.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Murugan Rajan, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said: “It was a wonderful experience to have hosted the two-day Margazhi festival for the very first time, at our mall. We were happy to watch the audience appreciate the renowned artists come together towards to deliver a soothing evening of melodious music and dance”.