Bay 146 presents Pub Quiz Night

Bay 146 presents Madras Pub Quiz is a Pub Quiz Berty Ashley (Host), T.V.Abhinav, Abishek Swaminathan
The Madras Pub Quiz is a Quiz with a never-seen-before format. They aim to keep the quizzing quotient intact but make the experience more inclusive and informal. It is not a test of your geeky-ness. It is all about what you already know, what you’ve already seen, what you’ve already heard. It is a format which will be bouncing off of all things under, above and revolving around the Sun. Unpredictable, unabashed and unruly in its own right. And guess what?! They’re giving away free booze and food in the midst of all this.For every question that you answer right, you stand to win booze and food and brunch coupons and event tickets and more booze and more food. And the kicker you ask? Instant Gratification! You don’t have to wait till the end of the night to grab your winnings. Answer right, grab your booze and walk away if you please. Or stay and win more and drink more and eat more with us all night. So to sum it up, the Madras Pub Quiz is like a casino, where you play to win something or lose absolutely nothing. From Superstar to Sunny Leone, Alia Bhatt to Irish butts, you’ve seen it all, you know it all and We, have got it covered. So come on down to the Madras Pub Quiz, tell us what you already know and walk away drunk, full and edutained to the brim!