Bansuri Veena Jugalbandi at Phoenix MarketCity

As the year was drawing to a close… Sa Ni Da Pa Ma…had a new venue, as  Phoenix MarketCity hosted a two-day Margazhi Festival for the very first time on the 28th and 29th December, 2016 (Wednesday – Thursday).

Patronizing arts and culture in the purest form, Phoenix MarketCity joined the band wagon to celebrate the revered cultural festival of ‘Margazhi’. It is not every day that country’s luminaries of Indian classical music come together to create music, but when the opportunity presents itself, we can certainly expect something delightful!

The first day of the festival showcased the talented group ‘Bansuri Veena Jugalbandi’, as they were greeted with a warm welcome at the Courtyard, which had turned into a Sabha for the performance.

The evening commenced with a beautiful invocation to Lord Ganesha, followed by an instrumental piece on raag Vajaspathi.

The ‘Bansuri Veena Jugalbandi’ consisted of performances from Shri Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia, highly respected and esteemed flautist in the country, and Vidushi Jayanthi Kumaresh, an excellent veena player, both of whom come from a lineage of musicians. Pdt. Rakesh Chaurasia, the nephew of child prodigy and flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, deftly incorporated and infused his personal style with the traditional ragas whilst maintaining the purity of the flute. His smooth & effortless delivery wholly captured the attention of the purists as well as the younger crowd!

 Brought to life by the rhythmic beats of talented tabla player by Shri Aditya Kalyanpur and Shri K. U. Jayachandran on the mridangam; the fine music delivered, was a sheer musical heaven for the listeners.

Given that the Margazhi season is the most eagerly awaited season for the Classical music and dance lovers; a traditional and sublime ambiance came alive to the ragas and rhythms of music as the instrumentalists invoked Gods and Goddesses , stalwarts and saints through a myriad of eclectic compositions.

Attracting diverse listeners from all age groups – patrons of the mall, passersby, classical music aficionados and other passionate folks; the Margazhi festival did its duty to deliver the best of a traditional music experience.

The artists concluded their act by performing to the sublime ragas Pahadi and Thumri. As the performance reached its peak, the shoppers and passersby were drawn towards the vibrant centre stage to witness the enrapturing musical presentation as a soulful melody acted like a magical charm upon the evening.