Bangalore blogger set to ‘Denimize the World’

Fashion blogger Nilu Thapa is collaborating with ONLY India for their campaign, Denimize the World. In an effort to create a timeless denim collection, touched up with a sprinkle of colour, the Bangalore-based Nilu chose a denim shirt with an embroidered patchwork. “I like the simplicity of this outfit and the little patch work with the quote matches my style. 100% I must say,” says Nilu on her blog, bighairloudmouth.

To match the pop of red in the shirt, Nilu decided to add red heels and a red lip colour. “I tend to go overboard with my looks and colour. Coordinating has become somewhat like an obsession. But as long as you feel comfortable with your look, I guess the term overboard doesn’t really apply.”