Baccarat Fetes 250th anniversary with crystal chess set

The French luxury crystal house has created a limited edition chess set that embodies elite craftsmanship and years of glass-making skills. All pieces of this hand-cut 32 piece set are inspired by Baccarat’s iconic Harcourt drinking glass design known for its distinctive stem shape. The pieces are made from clear and midnight blue crystals with contrast cuts reflecting light to make them come alive on the artistic board designed by Japanese design studio Nendo. The signature red color is represented via a ruby square placed at the base of the chessboard. The limited edition of 50 units will sport a price tag of nearly $30,000 and be a part of the yearlong exhibition at the brand’s museum in Paris.


The latest high jewelry line from the house of Chanel epitomizes the image of its founder, Mademoiselle Chanel who is inseparable from pearls. The exquisite collection pairs pearls with diamonds, sapphires and amethysts. It depicts some of the themes from the brand’s signature themes such as camellias, majestic lions, constellations and even the inaugural fine jewelry collection of 1932.  This 87 piece collection consists of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and brooches made with different cultured pearls in varying shapes, sizes and colors.


The newest fragrance by Emporio Armani spins a womans best friend in a fresh and irresistible take. Diamond Rose is inspired by the power and mystery of the rough stone that becomes magical in its radiance when cut and polished to perfection.  It embodies the Emporio Armani woman who follows trends, defines her own style – ultra feminine, seductive and free spirited. The bottle is multi-faceted like a diamond with rose tinted reflections. The brand’s logo is engraved at the centre and is placed in the fabric-textured paper box accentuated with printed diamond studs.