Grand Launch Of ASAP Sports Bar

A New Hangout Spot for Sports, Spirits & Kitchen!

ASAP Sports Bar was launched recently in the city. Ajith K, The Owner of ASAP Sports Bar has conceptualized a beautiful combination of bringing Sports and Resto Bar together in the city for its customers to enjoy the food while they play their game. The Theme of ASAP (Sports + Resto Bar) was presented in a fashion show choreographed by Celebrity Fashion Choreographer Karun Raman. Many TV stars and actors showed up for the event.

ASAP, Chennai’s Exclusive Sports Bar is designed to be accessible, customer-friendly and affordable, a neighborhood restaurant where they can enjoy their playtime with some lip-smacking food. The food they serve embarks everyone on a pleasant journey for an extraordinary culinary and dining experience for the taste buds with the ’wow’ factor for their presentation, flavors, texture, and aroma.