Apollo White Dental organises a cycle rally on World Happiness Day in Chennai

Apollo White Dental organises a cycle rally on World Happiness Day in Chennai

Over 300 cyclists kick off the rally at Ciclo Cafe, Kottupuram 

Chennai, 20th March, 2016: Apollo White Dental, India‘s largest and most trusted chain of dental centres had organized a cycle rally in the heart of Chennai on the occasion of World Happiness day on 20th March 2016. The event that took place on Sunday at Kottupuram saw 300 plus cyclists kick off the rally that was aimed to collectively celebrate World Happiness Day in a healthy and eco friendly manner.

The unique initiative of Apollo White Dental was well received with a variety of age groups – be it youth, elders or kids. The event encompassed two races simultaneously; one full distance race which covered 100kms and the other a shorter sprint of 60kms. The first race started from Ciclo Cafe, Kottupuram via Old Mahabalipuram Road to Vandalur and back to Kottupuram and covered a distance of 100kms. The second race started from Ciclo Cafe via Kelambakkam and back to Ciclo Cafe and covered a distance of 60Kms. This rally witnessed about 200 cycling enthusiasts and 100+ mountain bikers. Apollo White Dental provided mouthguards to safeguard the teeth of all the participants against injuries.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Managing Director, Apollo White Dental commented “On the occasion of World Happiness day, we are extremely delighted to spearhead the Cycle Rally for the cycle enthusiasts in Chennai. Cycling works as a great stress buster for pressures faced in day to day life and brings smile. Smile is a testimony of eternal happiness which is influenced by our good health. We were happy to see the turnout of cycling enthusiast for the event. The manner in which people are coming forward to take part in the cycle rally augurs well for the State”.

“We are promoting cycling today because it helps to keep the environment clean by reducing pollution. In the same manner, Apollo White Dental endeavours to reduce our carbon foot print to the maximum by avoiding mercury as much as possible and moving to paperless and filmless digital dentistry. We also choose greener, safer products and avoid products with bis-phenols,” he added.

The winners were categorised on the basis of Women riders, Mountain bikers, and Regular cycle riders. The first three winners of both the races were awarded with Medal. To encourage all the participants and to uphold their smiles, Apollo White Dental had provided free membership card for Apollo White Dental Clinic.