Anaqa Jewels and Label Sneha exhibits their latest collections at Vimonisha’s ‘The Mid Summer Dream’ Exhibition

Save your date for Vimonisha exhibition presents The Mid Summer Dream (Chennai’s first designer blow-ot sale) on 6th and 7th April, 2018 at Hyatt Regency, Chennai

This season at the Mid Summer Dream by Vimonisha Events they bring some exquisite accessory brands.

Jewels twinkle with the essence of grandeur! With a belief that occasions, preferences and styles are no bar when it comes to adorning statement pieces of elegant art, Anaqa brings to you a royal mélange of faux jewelry that speaks a distinctive language of grace, style and congeniality.

Taking decades of experience in the world of jewel designing, we create handcrafted masterpieces that are sure to fit your price and pocket for any magical memory.
Crafted with intricacy and with no compromise on quality, the fine treasures at Anaqa are sheer artistry designed for the ones who like to make a bold statement irrespective of season, time or destination.

To compliment the lovely Jewelry is a versatile bag brand called – Label Sneha

Label Sneha designs’ are a synergy between the artisans’ strength and the love and passion to create and bring forth Indian tradition with contemporary luxury. The designs portray the emotions and attributes of Feminity and how it can be interpreted in different ways. Started in 2014, Label Sneha has now marked its presence in USA, London and Bangladesh. ya The concept and designs are inspired by Indian arts, crafts, history and architecture setting the right trend for the versatile women of today.