An Akira Moment!

An Akira Moment!

Over the last couple of months, one film from Hyderabad and another one from Bangalore have been shot in Norway. This weekend saw the audio release of the upcoming Kannada film, Akira, the first Kannada film ever to be shot there.

The picturesque locations and breathtaking views of Norway are making inroads into the Indian film scene and there is a clear upward trend in demand for Norway as a preferred destination. Mr Sigvald T. Hauge, Minister-Counsellor at the Norwegian Embassy, attended the audio release of the upcoming Akira film where nearly 15,000 people were present.

“I am really impressed to see the large crowd that has turned up today for this audio release. After seeing Norway in this movie, I am sure you will select Norway as your next holiday destination. I can only say, welcome to Norway,” said Mr Hauge after the launch.

The Embassy also hosted a dinner meeting with the who’s who of the Kannada film industry in Bangalore. The purpose of the dinner was to welcome key producers, directors, cinematographers and actors to Norway and consider it as a potential location for their films.

The cast and crew of Akira attended the dinner and shared their experiences from Norway and encouraged other producers and directors present to also explore the locations that Norway offers. Anish, who is starring in and as Akira in the upcoming film, noted that “it was an incredible experience to be at the locations in Norway that are so untouched, new and beautiful.”

The producer of the film, Mr Chethan Kumar P. of S2 entertainment, gave support Anish and added that “we were also helped by the local authorities and the Embassy in India to make this happen at short notice.”

Minister-Counsellor Hauge, who made a presentation on Norway’s new incentive scheme for film and TV productions, was optimistic about the response. “We are here to assist and help interested productions in choosing Norway as their film destination. We have always had beautiful, untouched locations to offer, but now it also comes with a lucrative government policy, that we hope will create more confidence among interested producers to choose Norway,” he said.

“This is the first time that a Kannada movie has been shot at an international location at this grand scale. I am sure that this will set a good precedent for other film makers in not only Bangalore, but the rest of the country,” said Richard Wallace(Richie), International locations coordinator for Akira.

“I want to kill the myth that it is very expensive to shoot in Norway. The Norwegian government is coming forward with subsidies and incentives and the Embassy has been helping us connect with the right authorities. This clearly shows the willingness in Norway to invite Indian films. It is now up to us to make use of this opportunity and bring Norway’s breathtaking beauty to the silver screen in India,” he added.