Amway to make India a major market

The US-based multi-level health and beauty marketing company Amway aims to make India it’s third largest market in the next decade through pursuing an omnichannel approach. The business has ambitious plans for the Indian market and the brand believes that it can become the largest market within a decade. The forthcoming e-commerce platform, part of the omnichannel and digital strategy, will give an experience similar to e-tailers like Flipkart and Amazon.

The brand will still continue its direct selling apart from the e-commerce platform that is set to launch later this year. Amway launched its herbal beauty products in India earlier this year and is expecting to generate sales worth Rs 45 crore by 2022 as India’s natural beauty market continues to grow.

The brand is also looking to expand into Tier 2 and 3 markets in the country.  Amway India reported sales of Rs 1,800 crore for the last financial year with a compounded annual growth rate of seven per cent. The business expects to reach sales of Rs 2,000 crore this financial year. The business currently has around 140 stores across India and plans to open 500 stores by 2025.