Amethyst presented an exhibition of Urvashi Kaur’s AW’15 collection, ‘Pathika’ at The Amethyst Room,

Kiran Rao hosted a preview of designer Urvashi Kaur’s AW’ 15 collection, ‘Pathika’, a juxtaposition of multiple worlds and realities, in a continuous thread, telling the tale of a wanderer, as he ventures through the realms of reality, seeking and ultimately finding his own truth. Veering towards luxurious minimalism in organic textiles, a controlled palette with a strong monochrome focus, forms the basis of this collection. Subtle notes of ecru, beige and dusty white intersperse with grays and soft hints of blush. Multiple layers, play with both sheer and opaque elements, with an asymmetric reassembly of geometric shapes on sheer bases,  with several variations of length creating unexpected details and patterns. Volume and structure coexist and appear in the form of kimono style wraps, held by intricately detailed obis and judo belts. Peek-a-boo knife pleats are contrasted by sharp and densely placed accordion pleats, in the wide legged pants and interpretations of new age tunics. The prices start from Rs.3,000/- to Rs.25,000/- at The Amethyst Room, New #106, Old #79, Chamiers Road, Chennai.

The collection will be available until February 24th, 2016