Alia Bhatt opens up on relationships and more

“Actresses don’t talk about their private lives because of slut-shaming,” says Alia

While everyone is wondering if in fact Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are indeed dating, we may not find the truth about the couple as of now. The lovely lady and one of Bollywood’s leading ladies opened up during an interview with Huffington Post as to why actresses, including herself, do not disclose details about their personal life.

It is the fear of moral policing that makes actors stop short of acknowledging a relationship, said Alia. The public is falling over itself for details on real life celebrity romances – the very same public is the quickest to judge and condemn the celebrities involved, particularly female stars.


“In India, you are a part of a society that’s very judgmental. Here, girls who have multiple boyfriends is still a huge deal and something that is frowned upon. I mean, look at Taylor Swift. She’s dated, like, everybody. But if she was here, she’d be totally shamed for making those choices. Her image and appeal would be very different. The reason actresses don’t talk about their private lives is because in our society there is a lot of slut-shaming. Eventually, I have a responsibility and I have to protect myself,” Alia told Huffington Post.

“It’s important that I am seen in a certain way, it’s just the way it is. Speculations about celebrities are commonplace but as long as it’s not coming from the horse’s mouth, you’re quite safe, so to speak,” she added.

The consequences of frankness are not to be taken lightly, Alia said. Were she to officially admit that she’s dating Sidharth, the potential perils are many.