AIADMK leader says case to be filed against wind

C.Ponnaiyan, one of the senior member of the AIADMK party has blamed the wind for the tragic death of Subashri, who was killed in an accident after a banner fell on her while riding a two wheeler. According to his argument, neither the man who put up the banner nor the party functionary who directed the banner to be put up, did not pull it down.
It was due to the wind that it fell down . This argument has enraged many in the State especially at a time when several political parties have condemned the incident and have requested their party members not to put up any banners. DMK spokesperson said that this comment of a senior AIADMK leader amounts to mocking the death of Subashri.. To this the AIADMK leader replied that he only tried to put forth his point that the banner was not erected to kill anybody and what happened was just Subashris fate.