A Yoga Workshop On Mudras For Health and Vitality

‘Me Met Me’ at Panampilly Nagar, Kochi Is Organising a Yoga Workshop! 

“The simplest way to get back to health is through Mudras. Drop in at Me Met Me on January  18th, 2017 at 6:00 pm to step into the world of mudra magic with Mrs Sonal Joshi , a certified mudra therapist and also a well known yoga instructor who has been healing many through the practice of mudras. Bring along a note book and pen. Speaking about mudra, Sonal states ‘Mudra Vigyaan is the most easily performed Yogic exercise accessible to young and old alike with instantaneous results’. In our day to day life Mudras help improve memory, concentration, regularise BP, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. Give relief from back and joint pain, headache ,chest congestion , breathing problems, acidity and many common problems without any medication at all.

me met me
It also help increase the absorbtion of calcium and vitamins from normal diet without having to take supplements. Supplements increase the load on the kidneys. As a MSc Yoga student at SVYASA University, Banglore, Sonal states that ‘Mudras help to balance the 5 basic elements in the body after diagnosing the imbalance in the elements. The imbalance is the root cause of all diseases. Mudras are best suited for Geriatric patients and Busy professionals’. You will learn about the elements, how to diagnose the imbalances and how to rectify them. The session includes six magical mudras for daily healthy living.” says Nuthan Manohar of Me Met Me. For more details contact 9567366250.