A sentimental journey in time

The Paras and Shalini label is sheer poetry written in the language of fabric, thread and beads. The Geisha Label has little that’s over the top, yet, it is precisely the stuff fashionable dreams are made of.  Flowers, art, heritage, mystique, life and nature’s pride creates and inspires the romantic world of Geisha Designs. The designer duo, Shalini Jaikaria and Paras Bairoliya, re- create traditional silhouettes with a distinctive old-world romantic look. Delicate embroidery, striking textures, vibrant motifs coupled with meticulous precision in detail make their creations beautiful inside out.





“There is something superficial and volatile about the seasonal and elusive whims of fashion which offends our sense of beauty. And therefore we persevere to sustain a feeling of enchantment in this world of fashion that never tires, never changes, never dies,” feel the designer partners.