A piece of space for your wrist


Today, yet another exceptional Moonwatch model is being added to OMEGA collection, this time offering a real piece of space that you can wear on your wrist.

The name itself suggests a deep space journey – a Moonwatch that has hurtled through meteorite showers on its way to the distant red planet Sedna. In doing so, it has combined the elements of these celestial inspirations.

The highlight feature of this watch is it’s incredible meteorite dial.

On each timepiece, the dial has been made from a solid piece of extra-terrestrial stone. It is estimated that between 2000 and 5000 meteorites over 1kg fall to Earth every year. 75% of those disappear over the ocean or desert. Some, however, are discovered and prized for their rare beauty.

For OMEGA’s “meteorite dial”, we have sourced slices of the Gibeon meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. The Widmanstätten pattern, named after the Austrian scientist who discovered it,  refers to the ribbon-like flecks that are found in this kind of meteorite after an acid etch. For the owner of this watch, the pattern is clearly visible, and also unique in each model.

With the Speedmaster’s connection to space, we believe that this timepiece is another remarkable tribute to the collection’s past, and as close it gets to owning a true secret of the universe.