A Murder Mystery

Baked Potato Productions’ latest, ‘Schadenfreude‘ presents another side of a murder mystery – the workings of a killer’s mind. The title means ‘sadistic pleasure of witnessing another’s pain’.┬áThe script, evolved over a year, is a mix of poetic and conversational lines, real characters and a rollercoaster storyline that leaves an impression beyond the play. The cast is an eclectic bunch of professional theatrewaalas and fresh talent. This diversity is reflected in the onstage authenticity. Alistar Bennis, performer extraordinaire, plays a bone-chillingly charming killer with a cupboard full of skeletons that the play soon opens. Schadenfreude’s music has Sidharth Bharadwaj (Aatma’ flautist), Sreejith ‘the Beard’, Vignesh Iyer and a host of other musicians performing live, weaving the piece together with their haunting melodies.

Prarthana Gupta has directed this play. Unconventional movements, lighting and a fragmented timeline are parts of her vision from which the play has grown. She has even incorporated interpretive dance by ‘fitooraqs’ to tell an untold story in an impactful way in ‘Schadenfreude’. The play is produced by Baked┬áPotato Productions that does original theatre and short films and works towards using performance to send a message on unexplored topics, like mental health and identity.

Where: Jagriti theatre, Whitefield.
When: April 15, 8 pm and April 16, 3 pm and 6.30 pm.