A morning dance movement

Get ready to reach new heights on Sept 22nd and disrupt your Sunday morning at &SHINE: TOUCH THE SKY at Skyye Lounge, UB City. Warm up with a mixed dance class with Alexie Seller, fuel up on healthy cold-pressed juices and breakfast with Raw Pressery and Mimansa, and dance with abandon to sweeping views of the city with DJs Monica Dogra and Robby Banner. &Shine is a morning dance movement that is all about music, dance and shared positive energy.  Burn some calories, sweat out those toxins, activate those happy chemicals in your brain and, most importantly, have fun. Leave the alcohol behind and grab a healthy breakfast snack instead to get you energized and ready to dance into your morning. Monica Dogra has for long been renowned as a DJ, singer,  and actor, paving new paths for Indian artists across the globe. From starring alongside Amir Khan in Dhobi Ghat to performing at the prestigious Glastonbury music festival to hosting ‘The Dewarists’ – which went on to win at the Cannes International Festival – Monica has left a distinct footprint everywhere she goes. &Shine was founded by Kavya Peerbhoy, Namrata Sudhindra and Robby Banner – best friends who share a passion for music, dancing, fitness and wellness. Kavya just moved back after 18 years in Advertising & Marketing in New York. Namrata is a wellness warrior in Bangalore and has made a name for herself in the wellness and yoga space. Robby is a senior designer at Khosla Design by day and DJ by night! Every event is at a different location that adds to the experience – from nightclubs and lounges to boats and museums. Each space lends a unique flavor and feel making every &Shine event unique and transformative. For their location partners, working with &Shine gives them access to a new audience into wellness, fitness, music and dance during a time of day where their space is being under-utilized.

Where – Skyye, 16th Floor, UB City, Bangalore
When: Sunday, 22nd of September, 2019, 8:30 am – 11:30 am.