Say goodbye to infertility and uterine problems with the latest innovations in medical technology

Most women will have a strong desire to conceive a child at some point during their lifetime. Understanding what defines normal fertility is crucial to helping a person or couple, know when it is time to seek help. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller-coaster for all women.

Infertility is indeed a painful struggle. The pain is unique because it is a recurring grief. Each month there is hope about the baby being conceived. Several conditions present itself as a predisposition to infertility.

As age advances, fertility declines. In today’s society, age related infertility is becoming more common as many women wait until their 30s to start a family. The decline may take place much sooner than most people expect.  A woman’s best reproductive years are in her 20s. Fertility gradually declines in the 30s and particularly after 35. The success of infertility treatment is also highly dependent on the age of the woman.

It is estimated that 30-50% of men and women in the reproductive age group are overweight/obese. An increased weight is associated with reduced fertility in both men and women.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition in which a woman’s level of hormones is out of balance leading to the growth of ovarian cysts. The ovary doesn’t make all the hormones it needs for an egg to fully mature resulting in prolonged bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles and difficulty conceiving. People resistant to insulin is an important predisposition to PCOS. Excessive insulin promotes fat storage thus resulting in weight gain and obesity.

Firm Hospitals, an Advanced Centre for Laparoscopy, Fertility and Maternity, situated in the neighborhood of Anna Nagar, Chennai has carved a niche for itself as a reliable destination to solve infertility and uterine problems through systematic treatment and professional care working with a single point objective, to provide affordable and international quality healthcare for women. Firm Hospitals provides outstanding services in helping women experience the pleasure of motherhood by both natural and assisted means.

Dr. Mala Raj, a leading Gynecologist and Obstetrician is both a laparoscopic surgeon and an infertility specialist. As both specialties go hand in hand, it is important to have the same doctor address both these issues. Dr. Mala with a strong foundation of 20 years understands the importance of identifying abnormalities affecting the fertility potential in women. At Firm Hospitals, women beset with these problems are identified and corrective surgery is performed followed by fertility treatment, all performed by Dr. Mala herself. She says, “Laparoscopic procedures help the gynecologist to see the size of the ovary clearly. We are easily able to assess a woman’s egg producing capacity. If the ovaries appear small, making her ovarian reserve poor, we recommend hastening the treatment process as the persons biological clock is ticking away rapidly”

There are many times when small corrective surgeries like removal of fibroids, endometriosis, adhesions, polyps etc. during laparoscopic surgery, is sufficient to correct a woman’s infertility. An example of this condition is the case of a 36 year old woman who was treated at Firm Hospitals. She was married for five years with a history of three missed abortions. On an ultrasound exam she was found to have a fibroid growing within the uterus. Dr. Mala performed Laparoscopic Myomectomy, where the fibroid was removed laparoscopically. Considering her age and previous history, she was started on an IVF treatment cycle and conceived in the very first cycle of treatment. She recently delivered her baby at Firm Hospitals

A similar case is the story of a 33 year old woman, who was married for seven years, struggling to conceive. She had a medical history of a ‘T’ shaped uterus with tubal endometriosis and ovarian cysts. All three conditions were corrected laparoscopically and hysteroscopically through procedures Hysteroscopic Metroplasty, Laparoscopic Salpingectomy and Laparoscopic Cystectomy respectively. She was immediately started on an IVF treatment cycle and conceived in her first cycle of treatment. She had conceived triplets of which one was a monochorionic twin. A fetal reduction of the twins was done resulting in the progress of the singleton eventually delivering a baby.

“Our motto is to work with every woman personally with our top priority being the success of every woman who comes to us and be able to bring a smile on her face. Today’s women are different. They are knowledgeable and empowered. They need special care,” reiterates Dr. Mala Raj. At Firm Hospitals, the whole journey of a woman right from adolescence to menopause is taken care by the able hands of the guiding light of Dr. Mala Raj.

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