‘ A Garden of Thoughts ‘ for the Art Lovers !

 Artist Sree Jith P A Presents his Collection ‘A Garden of Thoughts’ on January 4th

A Garden of Thoughts is an art exhibition to be held at the Kerala History Museum, Edapally between Jan 4th – 7th, 2017! A unique collection done using Colour pencils, graphites and poster colour on Recycled paper by Artist Sree Jith P A. Dont miss it!



“Enchanting. Powerful. Nurturing and savage, at the same time. Nature and human emotions have a lot in common. And both seem infinitely complex. Garden of Thoughts was born of the idea of taking these two definitive concepts and bringing them together into an element that people can identify with. Art should be a medium that moves the viewer, compelling them to think. Thinking, especially on ideas that seem to break conventions, broadens the mind, encouraging one to become a better human being. And becoming better human beings is the purpose of life itself. Garden of Thoughts encourages you to fully live that purpose,” posted the artist on Face book.