A Daughter’s Grief In Verse


Judith Pinto (1942 to 2017)

Affectionately called Judy Miss,she was DB’s favorite teacher

She’s now in a place where no one can reach her

She had such a pretty, angelic face

Was agile,elegant, punctual and full of grace.

The eldest sibling of the Henry family

She married Vincy from the Pinto family.

She was blessed with a daughter and a son

She strived hard to make them second to none.

Caring, soft natured, affectionate and kind

She was also strong willed and had a sharp mind

She had the sweetest possible smile

And would be cheerful all the while.

Musically inclined, she used to sing like a lark

Now that she’s left us our whole world is dark.

Patience personified, she had a heart of GOLD

With love and kindness each of us would she mould.

It pains me to see her gone so soon

Even though with GOD I begged for a boon.

Ma you will be missed every single day

‘Cos you were THE BEST MOTHER in the entire fray.